Road of three sanctuaries

Road of three sanctuaries is a theme path connecting three St Mary sanctuaries: Sveta Gora at the outskirts of Banjšice plateau and Marijino Celje at Kanalski Kolovrat in Slovenia and Castelmonte above Cividale in Italy.

Its connecting paths lead past numerous historical, natural, cultural and ethnologic sights. Along the path, the visitors can enjoy at panoramic points offering spectacular views of the Soča and Idrija valleys, of the Nova Gorica plain and the Friuli Venezia Giulia region or of the Julian Alps in the north. The sanctuaries can be reached by bus or car. Moreover, well-marked paths also invite the visitors to take a ride by bike or go there on foot.

Car road:
The suggested car road: Sveta Gora – Preval – Grgar – Bate – Kanalski Vrh – Kanal – Lig – Britof – Oborča – Stara Gora. The path goes along asphalt state and local roads in total lenght of 42 km.

From Sveta Gora (682 m) it leads through Grgar basin towards Banjšice and then via Kanalski Vrh towards the Soča Valley to Kanal (21 km). From there, it goes up again via Čolnica settlement to Kanalski Kolovrat and along the ridge to Lig with the sanctuary Marijino Celje (680 m). Then it continues to Britof (which is located 5 km from Lig) via the settlements Lovišče and Strmec. After crossing the local border crossing in Britof, the path continues for another 7 kilometres to the sanctuary Castelmonte (618 m): along the Idrija River to the settlement Podreskije, where it goes up towards Obroča and to the ridge road leading all the way up to the sanctuary.

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