The lanes are inviting

Winter is slowly turning into spring, which invites us to go to the nature more often. I would like to present you the paths leading to Sveta Gora from Grgar, especially the forgotten path, which was cleaned this year.

The first one is a well-known asphalt road via Preval, which can be cut with various shorter paths. The second path to Mt. Sveta Gora is a macadam road leading past Slatna and Preški vrh to the top of Sveta Gora. However, footpaths are more appropriate for hikers. All of them start at the same place, Pancale. This is the area of Grgar at the foothills of Sveta Gora. If you walk along the path to the last house under the mountain, you reach a path that is split into two paths after a few meters. The right path leads to Renjeka gorge. Another path is leading past the rapids and pools of the Slatna brook. Along the path, you can watch old mills that reminds us of the times when the path was used for transporting cereals and corn to the mills. The path crosses the macadam road leading to Sveta Gora at the old bridge. Continue along the path all the way to the top. If you turn left at the starting point and cross the brook, you continue along the old path to Sveta Gora - “in the middle”, as the locals call it. After numerous turns you reach the top. At approximately two thirds’ length, the path splits and one trail leads past the well-known cavern through Sveta Gora to St Francis’s top. It is a part of the Road of three sanctuaries connecting Sveta Gora, Marijino Celje near Lig and Stara Gora (Castelmonte) near Cividale.

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Road of three sanctuaries: Sveta Gora, Marijino Celje, Stara Gora

The past intertwines with the present. The old trail to Sveta Gora in the middle became a part of the Road of three sanctuaries. From Grgar, starting at the Urška’s grave, two marked hiking trails and a cycling trail of three sanctuaries with a distinctive logo lead to the top of the hill.

Hiking trail:
Follow the signs from the church and in less than an hour you’ll reach the viewing point in the south-eastern part of Sveta Gora. What a magnificent view!

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