Footpath "Čepovan - Dom na Lazni"

Length: 3 km
Duration: 1h 30 min
Highest point: 927 m
Trail signs: butterfly

Trail description:

The trail begins opposite of the Fire station of Čepovan. Continue past the Health Centre, along the steep cart road crossing the meadows. After 150 metres turn left to a plateau and continue steep up to the path towards a forest. Here the hardest part of the trail is awaiting us, but the zigzag route up reduces the gradient you are hiking and makes it easier. The slope is really steep but its peaceful-ness is worth the effort.

When you get out of the woods, you have left behind the worst part of the trail. Cross the meadows and pastures and soon you’ll reach the first houses of the hamlet Lazna.
Continue along the macadam road down to the Lazna Mountain Hut.

The trail is only recommended in spring, summer and autumn and with mountaineering shoes. In winter, the trail is even more demanding and requires winter mountaineering equipment such as poles and crampons. It is thus not recommended for average hikers.

SOURCE: TIC Nova Gorica