Monument to the Slovenian WWI soldiers who fell on Mt Škabrijel

The Monument to the fallen WWI Slovenian soldiers at Slemenar is dedicated to the memory of the numerous victims who fell from August to September 1917 on Mt Škabrijel during the Eleventh Battle of the Isonzo, when one of the most ferocious fights of any Austro-Hungarian unit in the history of the Monarchy raged. There were some thousand dead and many thousand injured and captured soldiers on both sides. Of all the Slovenian units, that suffered huge losses on Mt Škabrijel, distinguished themselves above all the 87th Infantry Regiment from Celje and the 2nd Mountain Regiment from Ljubljana in which also many men from the Slovenian Littoral, the so-called Primorci, were fighting. Not far away, in the village Ravnica, there was once a military cemetery, today, however, at the back of the village cemetery, there is only an Austro-Hungarian Monument left.

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