Herb fields on the Banjšice and Trnovo Plateau

Some years ago, in the village Lokve, some individuals started to systematically produce and process herbs. This activity is interesting above all due to the fact that the cultivation surfaces here are small and the herbs cannot be cultivated in bigger quantities. But exactly this fact is intriguing as there are less possibilities for various diseases to break out. Different projects enabled in only a couple of years the setting-up of some fields and herb gardens in the village, and even a Herbal Centre in Grgarske Ravne. Now there is a herb field and a herb garden in Grgarske Ravne, a field in Banjšice and two fields in Lokve. Also the members of the Association of the Blind and Weak Sighted Nova Gorica are integrated in the herb growing and herb processing projects. Under the guidance of experts of the field plants of various herbs have been planted and cultivated and then different herb-based dishes and various tea mixtures have been prepared.

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