Smrekova draga, Lokve

Smrekova draga is one of the biggest hollows in the Trnovo Forest and a characteristic cold-air pool with a temperature and vegetation inversion. Smrekova draga and Mt Golaki, the highest mountain of the Trnovo Plateau, have been declared a Natural Reserve, so, when visiting Mount Golaki, do not go off the marked hiking trails, and visiting Smrekova draga without a guide is not welcome at all and may even be dangerous. But don’t worry: both can be best admired from above, where a road winds its way through the forest. One of the big cold-air pools in the Trnovo Forest is also Smrečje, which has also been declared a Natural Monument, and even though the forest in this area has been afflicted by many natural disasters and later by the bark beetle, it left to develop and form itself in a natural way.

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