Blacksmith Museum

In the easternmost point of the Banjšice Plateau, close to the edge over the Čepovan Valley, one of the longest villages in Slovenia – Lokovec extends itself in a narrow strip. Characteristic for it are the isolated homesteads. In Central Lokovec there is the Sts. Peter and Paul Church, which, together with the vicarage and some other buildings, forms the village centre. In the basement of the vicarage there is a small Blacksmith Museum and in the upper rooms the biographical exhibition of the fellow-villager, the retired Koper bishop Metod Pirih, can be visited. You’ll enter the museum accompanied by a blacksmith who will show you the traditional work of a blacksmith and you’ll even have the opportunity to test your skills as well. The majestic forged cross in the nearby cemetery is proof of the fact that the blacksmithing is in this region already over centuries at home.

* Opens only upon a preliminary request.

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