Herbal centre, Grgarske Ravne

The Herbal Centre in Grgarske Ravne was set up in order to enable the local people to process herbs and other raw materials of plant origin into sales products. Some of the dishes and drinks based on herbs and other raw materials of plant origin from the area presented in the Centre can be tried or even bought. The nice personnel of the Herbal Centre will give you all the information regarding the operation and activities of the Herbal Centre and its role in the area. You’ll also have the possibility to taste the tea made from manually picked herbs, or to turn over the leaves of the herbarium and to visit the exhibition. Not far away from the Herbal Centre two herb gardens and a Circular Herbal Walking Trail were designed.

*Opens only upon a preliminary request.

The Herbitium Herbal Centre - Zeliščni center Herbitium, +386 (0)5 393 43 41, +386 (0)51 318 901, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., www.zeliscnicenter.si