Austro-Hungarian well in Grgarske Ravne

This water distribution complex composed of more objects is located on the outskirts of Grgarske Ravne. The entrance to the underground water reservoir behind the village features the name of the building team that has built the entire system. There is also a large feeding trough nearby, which was used also for washing clothes. The remains of the text are still visible in the central part, but they are difficult to read. From the water reservoir, underground pipes run to the monumental complex with a beautiful water through. Above it, there is a stone plaque with the following text: PRINZESSIN MARIE ANNA V. PARMA BRUNNEN. Beside the trough, two stone banks are located and the adjacent wall features two plaques with the dates 1915 - 1916. In front of the trough, there is a high stone wall with a red marble plaque featuring a text by the Italian soldiers who penetrated towards the outskirts of Banjšice plateau.