Hubjani farm

A real peculiarity in the village Bate is the far and wide known Hubjani farm. It is the oldest farm in Bate since the tradition of milk production and processing dates back as far as the 17th century. The family always bred cattle and produced milk and this in spite of the fact that the farm was sometimes more and other times less oriented towards the production of crops. This is a family farm where its members are committed to the biologically most impeccable way of producing and processing milk. Some time ago they decided not to sell milk only as a raw material produce, but began processing the milk into cheese, as well. Thus, they became the first cheese producers in the area of the Banjšice and Trnovo Plateau. First they produced solely semi-hard cheeses, later the offer was complemented with soft cheeses, cottage cheeses, curdled milk and similar. On the farm there is a pleasant degustation area with a shop. The Hubjani farm family members will welcome you on the farm and then proudly present their work and trade.

*Advance reservation is desired.

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