Banjšice is located in the centre of the Banjšice Plateau at 700 meters above sea level. In this area, cattle breeding and agriculture is developed. The place enables a gorgeous view of the Julian Alps, and you can see the sea from the top of Mt Sleme. Besides beautiful nature and magnificent views, Banjšice also host the traditional recreational cycling in September.

Moreover, you can make one-day trips to the nearby hills, including Zgorelec, Vetrnik, Sleme and Debel grič (Zaškol). You can walk to all these hilltops also at the traditionally organised walk along Banjšice in October, which is suitable for all recreational hikers. Furthermore, you can taste the local dishes, accompanied by caraway tea or coffee. Like all surrounding places, Banjšice has a rich history.

The historic part of its heritage is included in the collection of equipment and weapons from World War I, conscientiously selected by Zdenko Mužič. In the village, one can find unique handicrafts products, including coils women used to wear as an aid for wearing baskets on their heads. On the last Sunday in July, you can visit the traditional Harvest Festival. A procession showing the harvesting in the past and today, wagons from the surrounding villages depicting old customs, rural games, a culinary exhibition of delicacies from the local ovens, prepared by the women from the Banjšice rural women’s association ... More than enough things to visit and see for yourself. After a hard day´s work you will find new energy by tasting the delicious home-prepared dishes at the Žbogar inn. At Banjšice, you are always welcomed by nice and friendly locals, a friendly greeting, and - especially - by unspoilt and unique nature and fresh air.

If you are visiting Banjšice for the first time or if you have been here before, you know that everything is different up here. You are at a high Karst plateau bordering on Idrijca River in the north, on the emerald Soča River in the west and a valley made by a river that no longer exists in the east. In the present area of fields and the settlement of Grgar, a lake used to stretch. Nobody knows where its water flew. Banjšice - a large, versatile and wide-ranging area! There is no water, except of rainwater and underground water, the fields are located in sinkholes, the houses are placed in grubbed out area among forests - in some parts, they are joined in hamlets or villages.

This is an area where you can wander around freely, surprised by lonely homesteads speaking about the past life here, the sparsely located houses and the unique landscape.

There are plenty of streets and numerous paths. It is not easy to present Banjšice at a one-day guided trip. To gain the most unforgettable memories we advise you to discover Banjšice with a map in your hands, to visit many different parts of the plateau, to stop in the villages and to refresh yourself in one of the local guesthouses while talking to the locals. No matter what kind of visit you choose - the plateau won’t leave you indifferent. The unspoilt nature, rich fauna and friendly locals are just some of the things you will long remember and we are sure you will want to come here again.

Text: TIC Nova Gorica
Photo: Planet multimedia Association, Zdenko Humar

Razgledna točka in sprehod po travniku na Krvavcu, Banjšice